EUC a.s.

Healthcare and Pharmacy

EUC a.s.

EUC Group uses OKbase for HCM and payroll processes, and attendance records including shift planning. Thanks to OKbase, EUC is able to manage HR processes across all its healthcare facilities more effectively. All processes are newly managed by a unified and coherent system in a very dynamic holding structure. Using Multi Org, the personal data of each employee is recorded only once and their labor relations are kept separately within each organization. The Attendance module computerizes some processes (e.g. requests, approvals), which significantly accelerated payroll process. By creating a new organizational structure, OKbase could define requirements for each professional position at the company and monitor their performance. Moreover, OKbase helps managers write reports and quickly and simply share data across the holding company.


EUC Group is a joint-stock company operating on the Czech healthcare delivery market. EUC has strong presence in all regions. It is a leading private healthcare provider focusing on outpatient care. In 29 healthcare facilities across the Czech Republic, 19 pharmacies and 16 laboratories, EUC employs 1950 people who provide care to 2 million patients a year.

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