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OKbase is a complete system for HR managers which helps manage employee activities. Our Self Service app monitors employee compliance with internal rules. It also allows HR managers to delegate part of their work directly to team leaders or employees. You are able to set and manage which alerts they want to receive throughout the day.

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Manage continuously

  • Employee evaluation
  • Recruitment
  • Incoming/outgoing employees
  • Vacation, attendance, scheduling
  • Medical checks and workplace health and security procedures
  • Training
  • Certificates
  • Business trip expense reports
  • Workplace collaboration tools
  • Benefits
  • Anniversaries


Reports are few clicks away

  • Reports made easily with a tutorial and suggestions
  • Manage with whom and how you share reports
  • Accurate and up-to-date information
  • Print contracts, payroll, etc.


Always up-to-date

  • Modern organizational structured layout
  • Workplace systematization and job description
  • Definition of management levels and duties


Moodle integration

Effective digital education thanks to the combination of the education requirements schedule and LMS Moodle.

Legislation updates

Regular updates of legal changes in regards to Czech attendance and workplace health and security regulations


Online canteen, meal orders, vacation requests or payslips

Payroll Accountant

OKbase was designed with accountants. The system automatically monitors employee attendance and hours and generates reports. The system updates all legislation changes right before the month's end closing. Records can be edited and adjusted automatically.

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  • Actively prevent incorrect closing
  • Adjustable alerts
  • Monitoring legal limits for the employment contract and contract to perform work
  • Monitoring includes also information about previous edits

Debts and insolvencies

  • Register of garnished wages
  • Insolvency register checks

Payment orders and receipts

  • Direct deposit to all banks
  • Adjustable requests
  • More options for accounting

Figure breakdown

  • Labour costs
  • Budgeting
  • Working hours
  • Calendars
  • Number of employees

Taxes electronically

  • Statement payer of income tax
  • Request for annual settlement of tax prepayment
  • Certificate of the taxable incomes
  • E-distribution of document: Personal records for pension insurance

Reports and payments

  • Health insurance companies, Czech Social Security Administration, Czech Statistical Office
  • Updated forms
  • Tools for online submissions

Calculation of vacation entitlement

  • Based on different employment contracts
  • Based on changes in the contract
  • Based on changed working hours

Bonuses and deductions

  • Easily approved by team leaders
  • One click application to wages and salaries
  • Import from Excel


  • Call support
  • Extended working hours during the closing period


By using OKbase, there is only one database which makes the system less vulnerable to attacks. No installations are needed and you can sign in using SSO. In addition to role competences and user groups, we also have integrated audits.

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Easy administration

  • No installation is needed and only application server is updated not the app
  • Only one database for all users, modules and settings are backed-up


  • Compliance to internal rules and role management using AD user's validation
  • System audit tracks the user, IP address, etc.

Integration and development

  • User-defined imports and exports (file, view, service)
  • Diversity of modules

SaaS (Software as a Service)

You utilize, we take care.

Within one month payment you have an access to complex HR system OKbase, including all settings, operation and technical support (hotline via phone and e-mail). You automatically get the new software versions with legislative updates.

We ensure data security and system operation in a professional data center with daily data backup. We guarantee 99.98% availability of the OKbase application thanks to the 24/7 mode of monitoring system resources and load of servers that we run in a cluster.

Delivery and installation

  • On premise
  • Outsourcing
  • Hosting
  • SaaS


You as a manager will appreciate 24-hour access to OKbase not only from your desktop, but also from your mobile phone or tablet. You can easily plan your business trips, authorize vacations or approve attendance for payroll. You will reduce your daily paperwork and thus save your time for other important tasks.

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Requests and approvals

  • Attendance
  • Vacation/Leave
  • Business trips
  • Training and courses
  • Remuneration, bonuses
  • Targets and tasks for upcoming period

Attendance Management

  • Time worked/time in/time out/time on break
  • Vacations/sick-days/home office
  • Scheduling
  • Integrated with company calendar


  • List of applicants and current stage of the recruitment
  • Positions
  • Assessment
  • Notes


  • Using templates and previous results

Message board

  • All tasks which have to be completed are clearly structured

E-mail notifications

  • Only urgent and the most important tasks

Mobile access

  • Immediate access from your mobile phone or tablet


  • Always up to date
  • Various types of formats

Legislation updates

  • Regular updates of legal changes in regards to Czech attendance and workplace health and security regulations

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