Time and Attendance

The system gives you a continuous overview of employees’ working hours, attendance and absenteeism. Moreover, payroll approval time is reduced. The system checks errors, allows corrections and complies not only with legislations updates, but also with your internal needs.

Records Out of office scheduling Scheduling Tracking work Attendance record access Attendace controlling Employee time clock terminal


  • Automatically generated attendance records
  • Online terminal (Self service)
  • Time clock terminals (ID cards)
  • Time-sheets

Scheduling and approving

  • Vacations/leaves
  • Emergencies
  • Shifts
  • Overtime

Out of office scheduling

Employees and team leaders can see each other’s planned out-of-office days. Approved leave is automatically displayed in the attendance sheet or in their calendar (MS Outlook, iCal).

  • Online requests for:
    • Vacation
    • Home-office
    • Sick day
    • Other leave


Effective scheduling and rescheduling. Both the employees and team leaders can see the up-to-date schedule. When there are changes in the schedule, employees are informed immediately via notifications.

  • Suitable for:
    • Multi-shift operations
    • Fixed/flexible working hours
    • Even and uneven shifts
  • Checking legal requirements and limits:
    • Working hours
    • Breaks
    • Vacations
  • Check the number of people scheduled
  • Estimated wages per shift

Tracking work

Suitable for order/service based companies. You can divide man hours among various projects or orders and thus you can easily estimate and allocate actual payroll expenses to particular items including bonuses.

Attendance record access

It lets you easily and comfortably track employee attendance from anywhere (construction site, business trip, etc.) and from any device, even recording GPS location. In combination with on-premise time clock terminals, you can access complete attendance data of all your employees.

  • Team leaders/Managers:
    • Approvals
    • Mass or individual approval
    • Present persons
    • Schedule
  • Employees:
    • Edit attendance
    • Attendance overview
    • Request (vacation, home-office, sick day)
    • Present persons
    • Scheduling

Attendance controlling

Notifications that indicate that employees are taking breaks in compliance with the Czech Labour Code.

Employee time clock terminal

Quick and reliable employee attendance tracking system. Attendance records are saved in the terminal in case network connection between the terminal and server is lost. The terminal provides you also with your attendance records and schedule.

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