• Personal data
    • Entering new employees
    • Connected with recruitment process
    • Regular updates (by HR manager and employees)
  • Labour law and working agreements
    • Full-time, part-time employment
    • Templates for contracts and amendments
  • Requirements and additional information
    • Medical checks
    • ID cards and certificates
    • Experience
    • Workplace collaboration equipment and devices
  • Workplace accidents
    • Medical checks
    • Smart cards and certificates

With these entries you can record the date, and type of entry, expected process time-table and the frequency of entries. Specific requirements are then compared to other records (e.g. medical checks). Information about compliance/noncompliance is then sent to the employee, team leader, HR manager or other authorized person (using Self Service, reports, or message board).

Organization chart and workplace systematization

Structured layout:

  • Organization units
  • Jobs positions
    • Creating positions and job description and equipment templates
    • Allocation workplace
    • Monitoring workplace availability
    • Designating deputies
  • Organization chart
    • Various graphic layouts (including employees' photographs)
    • Print preview in Self Service
    • Export to OrgPlus and Visio


Designate supervisors and their relationships with other units or employees within the company org chart. Clearly described supervisors' competencies (right to approve overtime, vacations, etc.) significantly improves and accelerates internal processes.

Job positions and history

Changes made in organizational structure including history are saved updated and you can rewrite them and there are shown in the edit history including an updated org chart preview. You can also model future organization charts (e.g. planning, changes to corporate strategy, etc.).

Employee evaluation

Tailor the evaluation process to suit your needs. Managers can share results with employees and HR managers via Self Service.


  • Any criteria
    • Instructions for the evaluator
    • Evaluation scales
    • Category classification
  • Knowledge and further training requirements


    • Priority and order
    • Regular or added evaluations (e.g. as a part of integration)
    • Frequency (quarterly, annually, etc.)
    • The evaluator and the approval process

Appraisal or evaluation data can be used as baseline information within the company for other HR processes (e.g. remunerations and bonuses, further employee development).

Domestic and foreign business trips

Record, manage and arrange domestic and international business trips. With our Self Service, team leaders can quickly approve employees' pending requests for business trips. Travel expenses reimbursement always complies with legal legislation or corporate policy and is automatically compensated in the payroll system.

Education and training

  • Defining and monitoring individual training plans
  • Improve corporate training
    • Enrollment and automated creation of the training in the calendar
    • Scheduling regular courses and trainings
    • We will help you start your own e-learning
    • Course evaluations


Pursue and maintain your employee benefit program. You can also integrate this module with your current corporate bonus systems.

  • Entitlements (meal vouchers, contribution to sports, culture, insurance, etc.)
  • Tracking perks
  • Connect with payroll


A recruitment system that covers the whole hiring process: from job vacancies, shortlisting, and interviewing to hiring. Track candidates as they flow through the stages of the hiring process. Collaborate and share comments with interviewers and other hiring managers online.

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