Process payrolls simply, quickly and always in accordance with legal legislation updates

Closing payrolls History Electronic payslips Labour costs breakdown Multiple Accounts departments Performance rewards

Closing payrolls

For calculating the payroll we use "Calculation Protocol" that records important information from over 50 different areas. This information is classified as: serious errors, warnings, or discrepancies in from calculations, or notifications about changes in employee assignment and payroll data. For easy access, you can place the calculation protocol on the Message board and receive up-to-date information.


Input data and calculated values are stored with the entire history. You can choose any time period and generate a report. You can calculate payroll immediately after receiving a new entry. If some entries were not uploaded or incorrect, you can use the edit history to fix it. Corrections made in previous periods are then automatically calculated and updated in the current period.

Electronic payslips

  • Modern and secure electronic distribution
    • OKbase Self Service
    • Encrypted PDF sent by e-mail
    • via BabelApp

Payroll accounting documents

A separate submodule allows employees to process a taxpayer's statement and a request for annual settlement of tax payment or certificate of the amount of taxable income. For the payroll accountant, the module contains a tool for electronic distribution of Personal records for pension insurance, including confirmation of receipt by the employee. The first months of the year will no longer be a nightmare.

Payroll accounting documents

Labour costs breakdown

Breakdown labour costs in seven different ways (cost centers, projects, organizational units, teams, contracts, etc.) and choose from the list of wage factors that influence wages (sick days, unpaid and paid vacation, etc.).

Performance rewards

Using our Self Service, team leaders can easily and discreetly propose rewards including reasons and specifications (rewards, bonuses, deduction for private car usage, etc.). The proposal can be forwarded further to the upper management for approval or can imported directly to the payroll system.

Multiple accounting departments

The system supports multiple Accounts departments which pay taxes and insurance to local authorities.

Payroll outsourcing

Leave the wages to us. We will digitize your payroll solutions. We will make it easier for you to fully dedicate yourself to your business.

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