Smart Card Management

Software for personalization and lifecycle management of your employee's ID cards. You can use our smart cards for various contactless applications, such as attendance records, canteen, and access management and make most of it by using them also for encryption, authentication or electronic signature.

Key features Personalization Certificates Keys

Key features


  • Creating, storing and recovering cryptographic keys safely
  • Using software cryptographic devices of HSM
  • GlobalPlatform system support


  • Programmable smart cards (JavaCard, .NET or Multos)
  • Uploading and personalizing embedded card apps
  • Personalizing Mifare and DESFire contactless systems

Easy to issue

  • Smart card Handbook
  • Importing personalized data
  • PIN/PUK envelope printing

Perfect overview

  • Smart card lifecycle support
  • Personalized data overview
  • List of issued smartcards
  • Smart card allocation history
  • Key and certificates

Smartcard personalization

  • One-side/duplex print
  • Employee's photograph
  • Bar code
  • Standardized and optical recognition


Digital certificates and related private keys stored on smart cards are the foundation of a safe implementation of PKI systems. Public certificates are issued by commercial certification authorities. Internally issued certificates are usually used in organizations.

OKbase supports automatic certificate requests during personalization, uploading certificates to smart cards and the subsequent central registration and management of used certificates.

  • Key management enables:
    • Certificate expiration notification
    • Alerts for revoking the certificate (i.e. when employee leaves the company)
    • Connected to Key Management module

Connected to Microsoft AD certification authorities

Certificate Management uses also the MS CA connector for requesting the certificate directly from OKbase. The issued certificate is then saved on the card and in the OKbase database. Certificates with MS CA templates are defined in the system.

Certificate profile

You can set various types of notifications or alerts, e.g. certificate expiration, revocation or destruction.


Encryption is the only effective and safe method of data protection during their storage, transmission and sharing. The Key Management System is an integral part of PKI implementations and high-quality smart card management. Your encryption keys are safely archived thanks to cryptography for easy recovery in case of a loss of the key, card, in case of organizational changes or when employee leaves the company.

  • Key Management enables:
    • Generate cryptographic keys
    • Store cryptographic keys safely
    • Recover the key under the supervision of security managers


The key insertion service is available online using public keys, while restoring the stored key requires the creation of secret keys, the components of which are held by at least two security administrators. Without secret keys, it is not possible to obtain the keys from the system by any means, including full access rights to the system and database.

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