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The integration between the Human Resources and Payroll system of OKbase by OKsystem and the pioneering payroll service provider, Advanto has been working with OKbase customers since May 2022. These customers can easily access Advanto's payroll services for their employees now without any additional demands on their IT department.

We do wish OKbase to consistently deliver exceptional added value to our customers and their employees. And that's the reason we introduce new functionalities and possibilities every year. Once we noticed that there is a demand for Advanto services from clients anytime after payment, we decided to make access to this service as easy as possible for our customers,” Vladimir Fuchs (Business Director) explain. “Currently, OKbase customers are able to let us know or contact Advanto directly, and they can start using the service within a short period.”

How does the connection with OKbase work?

Your employee requests an advance payment of their salary through Advanto application. Thanks to the integration with OKbase, the application displays the entitlement and possible advance payment amount. In the end, the information about the chosen advance payment proceeds to OKbase, and this is subsequently taken into account in the next payroll.

"The benefits resulting from the on-demand salary payments would have been persuasive as an argument for the implementation on their own. However, the uncomplicated integration with our personnel system significantly aided our decision-making, and there was no hesitation with the implementation of Advanto," Eva Kyselová, Lagardère Travel Retail HR Director, adds.

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What is Advanto? Payment anytime.

Advanto allows employees to choose their earned salary anytime during the month, with just a few clicks on their mobile device. It is sufficient for the employer to integrate their HR and payroll system (such as OKbase) with the Advanto mobile application.

Advanto demonstrably improves the financial stability and productivity of its users and this brings a valuable advantage for employers in the job market.

Advanto - představení

Martin Fortelný, the Advent founder explains, how the payroll works and why the service is so interesting for both employees and employers.

Payment anytime – ebook Advanto

Payment anytime – ebook Advanto

Among the customers who have already integrated the service with OKbase belong:

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