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One system for payroll accounting,
personnel management, and attendance

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What do you gain with OKbase?


Get rid of paper!
HR processes digitalization will set your hands free.


Taxes, evaluations, education and training, requests for vacation, business trips… You can handle everything electronically and automatically. We will support all your HR processes and provide tools your employees will love.

5 and more activity areas in 1

You no longer need to switch from one system to another.

5 and more activity areas in 1

In OKbase you can handle attendance, payroll processes, personnel management, setups and reports, and canteen services. You can also have the best applications in education, benefit and access systems integrated.

Legal and regulatory changes immediately to hand

Deadlines tracking, correct payroll documentation, no attendance errors, recalculation backwards automatically…

Legal and regulatory changes immediately to hand

We follow legal and regulatory developments for you. Whether you have 100 employees or 10,000, you can always rely on OKbase to implement the latest regulations and decrees affecting every situation that may arise in your company.

Modern shift planning

Plan shifts using artificial intelligence (AI) while involving your employees as much as possible.

Modern shift planning

OKbase will schedule shifts efficiently and automatically according to capacities, give you access to the Shift Exchange and help you monitor compliance with legal requirements.


More than 100 of our specialists, developers, consultants and support employees are working for you.


You can expect first-rate services: flawless operation, continuous technological development, training, efficient solutions meeting your requirements and live support at the end of the line.

payroll accounting

If you need to outsource your payroll accounting, you can rely on us.

payroll accounting

We know the ever-changing Czech legislation through and through. Payroll processing can be achieved without unnecessary paperwork. Find out for yourself.


OKbase is used by leading Czech and multinational companies.
More than 350 large implementations mean we take care of almost 300,000 employees.

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