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OKbase is OKsystem’s flagship product. We have been developing programs since 1990.

What lies behind the lines of code? Take a virtual tour of our work with a commercial we created for the 30th anniversary of the company:

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Besides OKbase, we are well known as a training centre for IT professionals and a developer of large-scale solutions for the state administration. Other of our own award-winning products include BabelApp, an encrypted communication application, Checkbot, a robot monitoring application, and a range of tailor-made SW solutions and mobile applications, such as the CHMI application. For a complete overview of our activities, please visit OKsystem.cz or read our annual report.


OKsystem Annual report 2022

software company
with an international presence

years on the market

CZK 780 million
annual turnover

4 branches
Prague • Brno • Ostrava
New York


History of OKbase

Few people in the Czech market have as much experience with payroll and related Czech law as we do.

It all started after 1990 with information systems for public Labor Offices. Consequently, OKmzdy program for payroll processing followed. By the way, we still offer that program. Because of its simplicity, stability, efficiency, and reasonable price, it still has several hundred loyal and satisfied customers, ranged from self-employed individuals, to small and medium-sized employers to accounting agencies.

In 2008, we launched OKbase because we needed to significantly expand the functionality and put tools also into the hands of employees. It was based on a program that we had already been using ourselves for several years within OKsystem to record and plan work attendance. Through 15 years of operation and implementation at various types of companies, we have many times changed the functions, the background technology, and the appearance. We dare to say that OKbase – with its range of functions and quality of service – is and will continue to be the leader in the market for solutions of this type.

History of OKbase

How OKbase has grown

Who stands behind OKbase

Currently, more than 100 specialists at offices in Prague, Brno, and Ostrava are responsible for the development of the system and the provision of technical support services. In addition, OKsystem can call upon the potential of all its 400 employees.


specialists at your service: developers, consultants, and hotline professionals







How do our customers rate our technical support service?

Vojtěch Klimeš

Management of the entire product is the responsibility of Vojtěch Klimeš, who has for 15 years been developing the technical and content base for personnel managers and payroll accountants so that it is always one step ahead of the competition. His development teams have been experimenting with artificial intelligence and have already successfully integrated it into the first processes (for example, in shifts planning).

„The most paperless document is the one that is not created at all.“

Vojtěch Klimeš
OKbase Director, OKsystem a.s.

Become the HR of the future

“With OKbase, you can shift your HR forward – whether that would be with individual modules or a complete solution that includes other integrated applications for wage advances, digital signatures, training, access systems, and more. You can have everything in one place and easily take care of personnel management easily for hundreds of employees in one location or for several thousands of people all across the country,” explains Vojtěch Klimeš.

“We support your HR processes and plans to be more paperless. You will not be dealing with laws and regulations or correct payroll processing on your own anymore. Even with the breadth of OKbase’s functionality, we still maintain a user-friendly environment for HR, managers, and employees to use the system in their various roles on their computers and mobile phones from anywhere and to save each other time. You can schedule shifts efficiently according to capacities, and with the help of all at one click. We offer employees a mobile app with Shift Exchange, making complicated operations easier for managers. In short, you will become the HR of the future,” Vojta concludes.

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