Self service

It is convenient for employees and you can more effectively run your business. Self Service enables the employees to access vital HR information, so that they can perform some key HR functions which significantly speed up the HR process. HR managers will appreciate the reduced amount of paper work and unnecessary processes which in turn saves time. Self Service is a must for any organization aiming at streamlining their HR processes.

  • Time and Attendance
  • Vacations
  • Personal Information
  • Business Trips
  • Appraisals and Evaluation
  • Recruitment
  • Education and Training
  • Canteen and Meal Ordering

Service and Support

  • Hot-line
    • Remote access to VisionProject Service Desk
    • E-mail and call support
    • SLA 8x5
    • Response time depends on the level of priority (2 – 48 business hours)
    • Extended working hours during the closing period
  • Regular updates
    • Immediate legislation updates
    • Notifications
    • Updated edit history
    • Download updates for free within the user interface
  • Training and consultancy


  • Generate professional reports and statistics easily
    • Payroll expenses
    • Staff turnover
    • Workload
    • Work-related training and development expenses
    • Seasonal trends and statistical breakdowns
    • Demographics
  • Management information system

    Take advantage of our extensive file of ready-to-use templates which can be easily adjusted and can publish your data using interactive graphs or charts. Use our Self Service module and distribute reports to your colleagues, team leaders or clients in a few clicks.

  • Categorized reports

    Choose what you want to publish and adjust it as you need it.

    • PDF
    • XLS, XLSX
    • DOC, DOCX
    • ODS, ODT
    • MS Word Mailings
  • iReport

    An open source system that is used for making more complex calculations and helps create very sophisticated layouts.

Legislation updates

OKbase complies with all applicable laws and regulations of the Czech Republic and is constantly being updated. We update the system immediately and ahead of time so that it does not impact on your internal processes.

  • Employment law relationship
    • Labour Code No. 262/2006 Coll.
    • Act No. 234/2014 Coll., On Civil Service
    • Act No. 435/2004 Coll., on Employment
  • Taxes
    • Act No. 586/1992 Coll., On Income Taxes
    • Act No. 280/2009 Coll., On Tax Rules and Principles
  • Insurance and welfare
    • Act No. 582/1991 Coll., On the Organization and Implementation of Social Security
    • Act No. 589/1992 Coll., On Social Security Insurance and State Employment
  • Pension insurance
    • Act No. 155/1995 Coll., On Pension Insurance
  • Health insurance
    • Act No. 592/1992 Coll., On General Health Insurance
    • Act No. 48/1997 Coll. On General Health Insurance as amended
  • Sickness insurance
    • Act No. 187/2006 Coll., On Sickness Insurance

Secure communication

We protect your and your employees´ personal data. Do you need to share sensitive personal data and be sure the information is secure? To secure your communication OKbase is connected with BabelApp communication platform which helps you protect your messages, e-mails or documents. Moreove, BabelApp complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other legal legislation.

We are GDPR ready.

OKbase uses technologies which ensure the authorized users (i.e. HR managers and payroll accountants) access personal data to comply with GDPR.

Compatible Devices

Our top priority is to make our clients happy and comfortable while using OKbase. OKbase can be used on any and all devices (i.e. mobile, tablet, PC). You can work with OKbase wherever and whenever.

User friendly

Following trends in UI/UX design, our system is responsive, intuitive and it has a user-friendly layout.

OKbase is a well-made app which can save your time and organize and reduce your workload.

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