What are the most common questions you ask us?

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Should I send a question or request via your contact form?

Yes, if you are interested to receive information about the OKbase solution, please use our contect form. However, if you need to send us attachments (e.g., invitation to tender as a system supplier), please send them together with your enquiry directly to okbase@oksystem.cz.

Questions about user access, forgotten passwords, or system settings should be directed to your company’s authorized personnel. The authorized personnel have e-mail and telephone contact to OKbase support.

When will I hear from you?

We respond to enquiries with an immediate confirmation to your e-mail. Immediately after your enquiry has been assigned, our sales personnel will contact you by phone or e-mail to clarify information and next steps.

How much does OKbase cost?

The price of the solution depends upon the scope of implementation and required additional services. You can discuss this scope with our sales representative during the first contact.

Can I download the demo version and try the system?

The range of OKbase functions is very wide. We will be happy to introduce OKbase to you ourselves in a short presentation and then provide access to a demo version as a next step according to your requirements.

Is it possible to get individual modules or do I need to get everything at once?

OKbase allows you to cover separate areas of Personnel Management, Attendance, or Payroll Accounting, but, in most cases, customers use a combination of modules, which brings them the advantage of a comprehensive solution in one system.

Why should I choose OKbase over another human resources system?

Our customers often say they chose OKbase because of its unique range of functionality together with its user-friendliness. See the ratings. We also offer you complete services, legal and regulatory updates, and a guarantee of stable long-term system development in accordance with technological and digital trends.

What is the main benefit of the OKbase HR solution?

Simply put, it can be said that each person can sort out for himself or herself what is needed. Anywhere, anytime. OKbase saves time and demonstrably increases comfort for all employees. Among other things, it checks, calculates, and reliably monitors the essentials for you.

What systems can OKbase be connected to?

OKbase can be integrated with a wide range of modern partner solutions, such as for employee benefits administration, access systems, wage advances and more. Take a look at the most common of these.

Can you customize a solution for us?

OKbase can be set up according to the customer’s operating conditions and needs. Customers use common parts and functionalities that differ in their settings and user roles.

How long does it take to implement?

We recommend that you count on four months for analysis, implementation, verification, support and handover for independent use. Implementation time may vary depending upon a customer’s specific situation.

Is the system accessible from anywhere?

Yes. The system can be run internally within the organization or in the cloud in the form of software as a service (SaaS). Employees of companies using OKbase as one of their main working tools – typically personnel managers and payroll accountants – have the option of installing a so-called “rich client” containing all the functionalities to manage and control their activities. The same as any user, however, they also can work with OKbase through the so-called web client from anywhere, via the internet or one’s mobile phone, without needing to install any software. The web client is fully responsive. Both of these modes – rich and web client – are included in the standard delivery of the solution. The customer determines through role settings how much of this employees can see on their devices and what changes they can make. There are also separate OKbase mobile apps for attendance records or shift planning and exchange.

I have a small company, is OKbase the right solution for me?

Even smaller companies with only few dozen employees can grow quickly and want a system from the start that they won’t need to change later. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and together we’ll find the best solution.

Does OKbase cover only Czech law and regulation or also Slovakia’s?

Currently, we fully guarantee coverage of Czech law for 100% of the functionalities. To a limited extent, the OKbase personnel management and attendance system can be used also for foreign branches. We will be happy to discuss these needs with you and propose a solution.

Is it possible to adapt the look of OKbase to our corporate brand?

Of course, you can set up the color scheme and your company logo in the OKbase web self-service.

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I’m having a problem logging into OKbase. How do I contact support?

If you do not know your login details or have another problem with the application, please contact the authorized person in your company or institution (i.e., the HR department, payroll accountant, or IT administrator). In case of a more complicated request, the authorized person will contact our technical support (Hotline).

I have an attendance error or a payroll discrepancy, what should I do?

Please contact your human resources or payroll department.

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Something isn’t working or I need advice. When and where can I turn?

Contact our technical support (Hotline), preferably by e-mail. If it concerns an error or problem with OKbase, the service is provided free of charge. We would appreciate if you could e-mail us a screenshot of the error message and attach your comments. This will significantly expedite resolution of your problem. In case of other questions and more time-consuming consultation, the technical support service may be charged in accordance with the agreed contract.

Contacts for the OKbase Hotline are:
E-mail: hotline.okbase@oksystem.cz
Tel: +420 236 072 290
Tel: +420 236 072 310 (payroll module only)

Standard working hours of the OKbase Hotline: Mon – Fri, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. (longer during times of closing the books – in accordance with the agreed contract)

Can I have complete system maintenance – not only deployment of new versions, but also management of operating systems, application server, and maybe monitoring?

Yes, we can provide this complete maintenance for you.

Where can I download the new version?

You will always have the new version together with the documentation ready for download in the OKbase client zone after its release. We will notify you by e-mail.

I need to be regularly informed about OKbase operation and the status of requests.

We offer a dedicated service manager contact person, operating reports, requests reports, and regular meetings to evaluate operations.

How can we update the list of our contact persons authorized to contact the OKbase Hotline?

The authorized contact person or executive will confirm the current contact or contact list by forwarding it to the salesperson or Hotline.

Do you provide extended technical support outside regular working hours (evenings, weekends, holidays)?

Yes, we do provide this service over and above the scope of our normal support, especially at the time of attendance and payroll closings. The scope and level of support for a particular customer is governed by the terms and conditions fixed in the support agreement included in the standard documentation package for the delivered solution.

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Where can I find an overview of what’s new in OKbase?

The most important source of information consists in the e-mails sent from our Hotline. Further information and news are regularly published in the , in the LinkedIn group, in news here on the website, or at customer events such as OKbase Day or seminars. We believe that you will find a source that suits you. A full list of options is here.

I want to receive OKbase newsletters by e-mail. Where can I subscribe?

Write to okbase@oksystem.cz and ask to have your contact added to the database. Newsletters are sent approximately once a month and they contain news and invitations to trainings or events. If you will not find the information useful, simply unsubscribe with one click directly in the e-mail.

What can I find in the client section and how do I request access?

The client section is intended mainly for administrators and system managers within your company. It contains mainly technical documentation and downloadable updates. Requests for additional access can be sent by e-mail to our Hotline or by filling out a new .

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We have one or more modules and we want something additional. How should we proceed?

Contact the OKbase Sales Department. You can use the request form HERE.

We use OKmzdy and want to add more functions, how should we proceed?

We support the transition from the OKmzdy installed program to the advanced OKbase solution. Contact us via the form. We will be happy to suggest next steps.

We would like to use electronic distribution of pension insurance records and also process tax forms electronically. Are they part of the basic OKbase Payroll Accounting module?

Paperless processing of these documents takes place in the additional submodule Payroll Accounting Documents. It is available to all our payroll outsourcing customers and other customers who have requested it. Please contact our Sales Department to schedule an implementation date for the new submodule and related training.

We found that OKbase has features that we do not use yet. How can we obtain them or turn them on?

There are a great many functions or roles. Please first contact the administrator in your company who sets up roles or manages your licenses. It is indeed possible that you do not have some features and/or roles enabled and just need to make them available. If not, we will resolve your request at the Sales Department or Hotline so that soon you can use all the features available to you.

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We have new colleagues and we need training for them. Where should we order it?

An overview of dates of the nearest upcoming announced training courses can be found at www.okskoleni.cz. Here, you also can book and order the training. If the next date is far away or not yet announced, please e-mail to skoleni@oksystem.cz and we will try to find a suitable solution.

We need more information on specific issues impacting on wages. Can you provide it?

Our personnel management and payroll consultants, analysts, and Hotline employees are highly experienced. Moreover, in payroll outsourcing we calculate payroll for tens of thousands of our customers' employees, so we are sure to find a solution to your problem. Last but not least, we work closely with tax and employment law experts. Contact our Hotline for further guidance.

Do you hold special seminars on new products? When?

We organize an annual seminar in January for payroll accountants with news for personal income taxpayers and special seminars on specific areas. In the past, for example, these included online sickness reporting by doctors or employment of foreigners. We also summarize what’s new during our OKbase Day. We inform about all our events in advance via our e-mailed newsletter and on OKbase information channels (web news, LinkedIn group)

How long does the training last and how much does it cost?

Most training sessions last half a day or one day. They are led directly by consultants who otherwise provide customer implementations, so they can advise on any of the situations you usually deal with. In addition, they adapt the explanation according to the modules you use and bring additional recommendations that are based upon their experience in the same market segment.

You can find prices and dates for individual courses on the website https://www.okskoleni.cz. The price of a course includes the training itself, course materials, certificate of completion, lunch, and refreshments.

Where do the trainings take place?

OWe run the open courses in our own training center at OKsystem’s Prague headquarters na Pankráci. in Pankrác. It is also possible to join any of our training courses online. Furthermore, for a larger number of participants, it is possible to arrange a special training date at your company or at our branches in Brno or Ostrava.

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How much does payroll processing cost?

The price depends upon the number of personnel and the range of other tasks, such as wage garnishments, employee registration, and so forth.

Can you help us occasionally as a stand-in for our payroll accountant?

Yes, we also offer this service.

What does your payroll outsourcing service include?

The service encompasses the complete processing of your payroll in OKbase, including complete outputs and reports. We will take over responsibility for the correctness of payroll according to the currently valid tax and labor law regulations and all communication with the authorities. In addition, by switching to our payroll outsourcing, you will receive a professional solution for the OKbase attendance and personnel management system, together with a web-based application for the electronic sending and confirmation of all tax and payroll documents. We describe everything in detail here. If you have any questions or are interested, please contact us via the contact form.

Can you handle bulk entry?

Yes, payroll files also can be submitted to us in bulk. We can process outputs from your attendance system as well as files with prepared bonuses or deductions.

Is the scope of the payroll processing limited in any way? Must all employees have access to the internet?

We can process any number of payroll files, so the number of personnel is not limited. In case an employee does not have access to the internet, we can arrange for pay slips and other documents to be sent by post.

Will you prepare an output for the financial accounting?

Yes, of course. We guarantee updates. The system is always prepared in accordance with valid tax and labor law regulations. Based upon a detailed analysis, we prepare a file every month that you will simply input to your financial accounting.

Will you send out the wages to the employees for us?

Yes, this is possible. If you subscribe to our Bank Account Rental service, you simply transfer the total amount to the account before the payday and we will take care of sending the payroll to the individual employees.

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Who works at OKbase and are there any open positions?

The OKbase development team has more than 70 specialists. Programmers, testers, technical support and UX experts. It cooperates with other teams in OKsystem, such as analysts, consultants, lawyers, and others. The team is very stable, but occasionally we do hire. Let us know about yourself. A list of currently open positions for Prague/Brno/Ostrava can be found here.

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