Payroll accounting

With OKbase, you can process employee payrolls quickly, accurately, and always in compliance with current law.

This user-friendly software can reliably calculate payrolls for even tens of thousands of employees.

We fully support electronic communication between you and your employee, including electronic forms for Taxpayer Declarations and Requests for Annual Tax Settlement.

Payroll accounting

The system is ready for immediate use, including the most common setups and reports you can customize to meet your company’s needs. It monitors attendance and personnel management inputs for you. We take care of all legal aspects for you. Any corrections to past data are accounted automatically in the current period.


  • Telephone support from our colleagues in case of processing difficulties
  • Longer operating hours during times of closing the books

Control tools

  • System prevents closing with errors actively
  • Adjustable levels of warnings and alerts in the form of custom dashboards
  • Monitoring legal limits for the employment contract and contract to perform work
  • Tracking changes throughout the employment relationship (includes information on previous edits)


All input data and calculated values are stored with the entire history. Setups can be created for any period.

Multiple payroll accounting offices

The system supports multiple payroll accounting offices within one or more organizations that pay taxes and insurance to the local authorities.

Remunerations and deductions

  • A discreet and efficient way of individual remuneration via web self-service
  • Import to payroll documents is possible from any Excel document without the need for editing

Paperless taxes and other documents

Digitalize your tax processes with our standalone Payroll Accounting Documents module.

  • Taxpayer Declaration
  • Request for Annual Tax Settlement
  • Confirmation of taxable income
  • Distribution of pension insurance records
  • Other confirmations at the employee’s request

Employee documents (e.g., personal documents, other ID cards and received confirmations) are stored securely in OKbase while you can continue to work with them mainly electronically.

Employee documents

  • Wage garnishments and insolvencies processing

  • Payment orders and accounting documents

  • Electronic pay slips – by e-mail or online

  • Mandatory reporting and levies

Payroll outsourcing

Let us digitalize your payroll processes. We can make it easier for you to devote yourself fully to running your business.

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