All are compliant with current law and your operational needs.

Providing a continuous overview of employees' working hours, automatically checks for errors and enables their correction.


Collect attendance and breaks data from terminals and readers or get them automatically generated for selected groups of employees or individuals.

  • Collection of data from terminals/readers
  • Various types of breaks
  • Automatic attendance generation
  • Virtual terminal (web self-service)
  • Attendance terminals (ID cards)
  • Recording of work time spent on a project/contract

Planning and approval

  • Vacations
  • On-calls
  • Shifts
  • Overtime
Out-of-office scheduling

Out-of-office scheduling

Employees and managers always have an overview of their current leave status. Approved leave is automatically reflected in the attendance register and, where applicable, in the MS Outlook calendar.

Electronic requests:

  • Vacation
  • Work from home
  • Sick day
  • Any other leave
Shift scheduling

Shift scheduling

Efficient planning of employees’ shifts and the effective possibilities for shifting and substituting employees. A current shift schedule is available to the employee and the manager. The employee is informed of any changes sufficiently in advance.

Suitable for

  • multi-shift operations
  • fixed and flexible working hours
  • regular and odd shifts

Checking legal requirements and limits

  • working hours
  • breaks
  • vacations

Checking shifts fulfillment

Capacity planning – assisting you to set up the necessary shift schedules, and the system offers you the most suitable fulfillment combinations.

Automatic shift assignment in just one click

Shift Exchange on your computer and mobile – a mobile app for smartphones, easy to use and with notifications.

Predicting wage costs per shift

Capacity planning

Capacity planning video

Shift Exchange

Shift Exchange video

Recording of work time spent on projects

Suitable for companies with project/contract management. The system allows dividing work time by projects or contracts. This makes it easy to allocate real labor costs to individual items including premiums.

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Mobile Attendance

Keep track of employee attendance at locations where it is not possible to install a conventional attendance terminal (construction sites, business trips, etc.). Attendance can be recorded inclusive of GPS location. At smaller branches or locations, use an NFC tag to record attendance. Combined with classic attendance terminals, you get complete attendance data for all your employees.

Mobile attendance for manager/supervisor

  • Approval of requests
  • Bulk approval and closing of attendance records
  • Individuals present
  • Shift schedule

Mobile attendance for employees

  • Entering attendance
  • Overview of work time
  • Requests (holiday, home office, sick day)
  • Individuals present
  • Shift schedule

Attendance controlling

Both employees and managesr will be allerted of any error in attendance in real time. In case of a major error, the attendance record cannot be closed. Of course, regular breaks are monitored folloving the Labor Code.

Attendance terminals

Attendance terminals

Fast and reliable collection of your employees’ attendance data. The attendance record is stored in the terminal’s memory, so the data is protected against connection failure between the terminal and the server. Moreover, you can check your attendance and shift calendar on the terminal.

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