Personnel management

A comprehensive tool for organizing a personnel manager’s daily tasks effectively.

The system monitors your internal rules and allows you to delegate some tasks directly to team leaders or their subordinates.

Employees across levels will appreciate regular alerts, checking important deadlines and selected tasks completion.

  • Employee personal data recruitment, workflow
  • Employment relationships including contracts from templates
  • Requirements and records of medical examinations, work equipment, accident records
  • Organizational charts including exports to clear graphical outputs
  • Education and mandatory training plans and lists of events, participants, evaluations, budgets
  • Business trips including those needing multi-level approval
  • Evaluations and benefits
  • GDPR categorization and possible deletion of personal data
  • Consent records
  • Setups and outputs all reports and statistics in clear graphical and print outputs
Personnel managers dashboard

Personnel managers dashboard

All your notifications are in one place.

  • Always up to date

  • Past and upcoming deadlines
  • User-defined configuration of notifications (before and/or after)
  • Setup of e-mail notifications for each user separately

Helps you ensure ongoing follow-up for:

  • Employee evaluations
  • Recruitment
  • Incoming and departing employees
  • Vacation, attendance, and shift scheduling
  • Medical checks and workplace health and safety procedures
  • Training and Education
  • Certificates
  • Travel orders
  • Work equipment
  • Benefits
  • Work anniversaries
HR processes support

HR processes support

Informing the employees

  • Pay slips, unfulfilled training/medical checks, registrations for training/courses, evaluations, requests (vacation, business trips)

Informing the employer

  • Timesheets, registrations for training/courses, evaluations, employees’ life situations

Approval processes

  • Vacations, business trips, remuneration/bonus proposals

Organizational scheme and systematization

  • Organizational units’ chart, including history
  • Relationships and competencies chart
  • Definition of management and authorization levels
  • Various graphical displays (including photographs of employees)
  • Systematization of work positions and job descriptions

Setups and reports

  • Create setups and reports by yourself using a simple guide
  • Distribution to anyone via self-service
  • Always up to date and offered contextually
  • Templates for bulk printing of contracts, payrolls, etc.
Organizational scheme and systematization

Consent records

  • Data categorization
  • Personal data extraction and export
  • Deletion and anonymization tool
  • Demonstrability and revocability of consent

For all items requiring consent, OKbase will allow consent to be given/revoked and record this fact. The proof of consent is based on the user entering their password.


The evaluation system is widely configurable according to your needs. You can evaluate directly in the web self-service. The evaluation results can be used as a data source for other internal processes (e.g., bonus distribution, definition of training needs).

Domestic and foreign business trips

Domestic and foreign business trips

Complete administration and recording of employees’ domestic and foreign business trips. Approval of travel proposals, reports and billing is done simply in the web self-service or on your mobile. Reimbursements are always generated in accordance with applicable laws or company policies. Reimbursements and expense settlements are automatically reflected in payroll and accounting systems.


The system guides you through the complete recruitment process from the announcement of a new position to closing the employment contract. You have a clear overview of all internal and external candidates. Evaluators need never miss an interview, and their notes about candidates can be shared online.

Training and Education

Improve the organization of company training:

  • Defines individual training plans and checks for their fulfilment
  • Event signup and automatic creation of the event in the calendar
  • Tracking dates of periodic courses
  • Checking fulfilment of individual training plans
  • Rating of training courses

We can help you start your e-learning by integrating Moodle tools.


  • Connection to existing systems of the company’s benefits cafeteria.
  • Entitlement records (food vouchers, sports and culture allowance, pension insurance, etc.)
  • Tracking of drawdown and linking to the payroll system

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