OKbase Intranet

Communicate with your employees efficiently and easily.

Replace internal magazines and manuals with a more modern and up-to-date medium!

OKbase Intranet is easy to use for you and directly linked to OKbase, so you will have less work with data synchronisation. And you can provide it with your own company name.

Take your employee care to the next level.

Take your employee care to the next level

OKbase Intranet is linked to the data in OKbase. It automatically updates personal employee information, onboarding and offboarding data, employee directories, and more. It is accessible through a web interface and offers the following features:

  • Articles
  • Contact Directory
  • Wiki
  • Newcomer Pages
  • Event Calendar
  • Photo Gallery
  • Banner Slider
  • Links
  • Surveys
  • New Employees
  • Discussion Forum
  • Basic Company Information
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Building/Office Plan

OKbase Intranet features

We have developed a user-friendly and neat system to ensure a pleasant experience for both you and your employees. You can access it anytime and anywhere through the web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Employees do not need to install any additional applications. The advantages of OKbase Intranet include:

  • Czech language support
  • Responsive web interface
  • Transparent editorial system
  • Cloud-based secure service – "We take care of it, you enjoy it."
  • 2 levels of the content display for users. Access to articles (news, information, photo galleries), the wiki, and surveys can be controlled at 2 levels – all employees/ managers.
OKbase Intranet features
OKbase Intranet Administration

OKbase Intranet Administration

Publish articles instantly, without having to wait for a programmer, agency, or marketer to find the time. With OKbase Intranet, you have the power to publish new articles or update content on your intranet in just a few clicks.

The administration process is user-friendly and straightforward. It is accessible through any internet browser, eliminating the need for complex installations or programming knowledge. You can create articles and posts effortlessly using a convenient web form that guides you through the process, ensuring all required fields are filled correctly.

Furthermore, each category maintains a comprehensive history of previously created content. You have the flexibility to deactivate specific articles temporarily and reactivate them whenever needed. This feature allows you to recycle and repurpose existing articles, saving time and effort in content creation.

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We present the top 9 most popular features of OKbase Intranet


The news section forms the foundation of the intranet. Here, you can publish informative articles for employees, categorise them into several basic groups, and assign tags for easier searching of related topics. The news articles are sorted chronologically, with the latest ones appearing first. Readers can react to them by commenting, tagging them with” hearts," or saving them for later reading. You can also set up email notifications to be alerted when a new article is published.

To highlight an article on the main page, you can feature it in the introductory banner by adding one or more image banners to the slider. Clicking on the image can redirect to any desired link, such as the article itself or the calendar.

Contact Directory – Employees

Contact Directory – Employees

Have all the official employee contacts conveniently in one place. Full data synchronisation with the OKbase system is available for all personal information.

The alphabetical list of employees includes details such as photos, contact information, job positions, team assignments, and the latest attendance records (e.g., arrival at work, remote work, vacation, break, medical leave), etc. The list allows searching by name or other data and provides contact information, position details, date of joining, supervisor(s), information about colleagues in the same department, and the latest attendance record.

In case the OKbase Intranet is integrated with the access control system data (which is a separate service not included in the base price), you can also see more precise information about the employee's current location within the building.


An easy and intuitive way to manage and share company materials and manuals. Place materials, documents, links, and articles that are necessary for both new and existing employees. This can include a list of benefits, organisational structure, internal guidelines, templates, and guides.

Newcomer Pages

Employees who have been with the company for less than six months have a special information section at the top of the OKbase Intranet homepage. When they expand this "welcome window," they will see not only a welcome message but also useful links to help them navigate and adapt to the company more easily.

Company Events Calendar

Company Events Calendar

Insert events and occasions that you wish to notify your employees about into the calendar. Events are categorised as internal and external, and each event has its own subpage where you can provide additional information. The upcoming events are displayed on the intranet's homepage. It is easy to add any event to the company calendar with just one click.

Photo Gallery

Say goodbye to the hassle of sharing photo links on shared drives. OKbase Intranet's built-in photo gallery allows you to share your photos with all employees easily. Create dedicated albums for each event or occasion with an introductory text. Browsing through the gallery is a pleasant experience, if needed, employees can conveniently download the entire album as a zip file.

Building and Offices Floor Plan

Do you have a detailed floor plan that outlines individual offices and workspaces, along with information about employees' assigned workstations? OKbase Intranet offers the option to integrate this floor plan seamlessly. By incorporating the floor plan into the intranet, employees can easily navigate and locate various areas within the building. Please note that the cost of integrating the floor plan will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Photo Gallery


This feature helps you stay updated on the activities of your colleagues. By setting up this "watcher," OKbase Intranet will send you email notifications, for example, when a selected colleague starts working remotely. If you require more detailed monitoring integrated with access control system information, we can provide it as an additional service beyond the standard implementation.

Employee Forum

The forum allows employees to freely post their contributions. Other employees can add comments to individual posts. A red dot in the forum header indicates the presence of unread posts. Our colleagues use the forum to find sports and leisure activity partners, share their homemade creations, report lost and found items, or even offer last-minute theatre tickets that would otherwise go unused. It is a versatile platform for various discussions and interactions among employees.


What are the branding options for OKbase Intranet? Can we rename it and change its appearance?

If you are not satisfied with the name OKbase Intranet, we can rename it according to your preference and customise the header colour to match your corporate brand.

Can you customise OKbase Intranet for us?

We offer the service within the scope of the mentioned features. We constantly improve and add new features ourselves.

What additional services can we pay for beyond the basic features?

We offer integration of OKbase Intranet with your access control system. The benefits include:

• In the contact directory, information about the employee's current location is updated (based on the access point they last passed through).
• Enhanced monitoring is available (setting up email notifications when a specific access point is used by a selected employee).

Another service that incurs an additional cost beyond the basic implementation is the integration of building plans. The price will depend on the complexity of the integration.

We can also provide training for additional users or offer extended Hotline support in the future.

How much does OKbase Intranet cost?

OKbase Intranet is offered as a service (SaaS). Here, the motto applies: "You use it, we take care of it!" In other words, we handle the deployment of new versions, server management, and the system environment. You don't have to worry about operating the system at all.

We calculate the monthly fee individually. The average price for OKbase customers starts at 5,000 CZK excluding VAT, depending on the size of the customer. The price includes a comprehensive service, including basic implementation, licenses, deployment of new versions, and technical support.

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