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What are your most frequently asked questions?

Can I download a demo version and try the system?

The range of OKbase functions is very wide. We will be happy to introduce OKbase to you ourselves in a short presentation and then provide access to a demo version as a next step according to your requirements.

How long does it take to implement?

We recommend that you count on four months for analysis, implementation, verification, support and handover for independent use. Implementation time may vary depending upon a customer’s specific situation.

Does OKbase cover only Czech law and regulation or also Slovakia’s?

Currently, we fully guarantee coverage of Czech law for 100% of the functionalities. To a limited extent, the OKbase personnel management and attendance system can be used also for foreign branches. We will be happy to discuss these needs with you and propose a solution.

I’m having a problem logging into OKbase. How do I contact support?

If you do not know your login details or have another problem with the application, please contact the authorized person in your company or institution (i.e., the HR department, payroll accountant, or IT administrator). In case of a more complicated request, the authorized person will contact our technical support (Hotline).

For a complete set of questions and answers, please go to the FAQ center. Centrum FAQ

User training

During implementation, our consultants will teach you how to work with OKbase and you will have a complete user manual at your disposal.

To refresh your memory, deepen your knowledge, or for your new colleagues, we regularly organize specialized short training sessions (ranging from a half day to full day) for each module several times a year. You can attend in person or remotely.

The training is conducted in Czech language. If you are interested in learning in English, please contact our training centre.

User training

Upcoming OKbase courses

1 day

OKbase – Payroll module - basic training
The one-day course will teach you how to navigate the payroll module of the OKbase system, solve the basic payroll agenda, enter payroll files and set up a financial statement.

Details and order 

0,5 day

OKbase - Attendance - news from the recent versions
A half-day overview course for OKbase users who need to deepen their knowledge of the new features of the attendance module.

Details and order 

0,5 day

OKbase - Education module
The half-day course of work in the education module of the OKbase system is intended especially for HR professionals. You will learn how to plan, record and monitor the entire agenda of educational activities with regard to individual job positions in your company.

Details and order 

0,5 day

OKbase – Attendance module - basic training
The half-day course will teach you how to navigate the OKbase attendance module, deal with basic administration of the attendance module, create shifts, shift templates or shift calendars, navigate the setup of shift schedules and preset attendance printouts or attendance breaks and understand attendance forms in the OKbase web client.

Details and order 

1 day

OKbase – Personnel module – basic training
This one-day course will introduce you to the basics of working in the OKbase Personnel module. You will be able to deal with the basic personnel agenda, enter personal data of employees and get an overview of the systemization options.

Details and order 

0,5 day

OKbase - Reports - Word templates – GROOVY
A half-day course for OKbase users who need to create Word-type user reports, including editing Word templates themselves. This is not the so-called "Bulk Correspondence", but a successor technology that uses GROOVY commands to insert and format variable fields.

Details and order 

Up-to-date information always can be found at We will be happy to send you course dates and regular notifications of special events by e-mail, but don’t forget to subscribe by sending your contact details to our hotline.

Discounted pricing of other training courses for OKbase customers

Discounted pricing of other training courses for OKbase customers

As an OKbase customer, you will receive a 10% discount on other professional and IT training courses organized by our training center. You can learn how to work with Microsoft products, but you also can use the discount for training of your programmers and other IT specialists.

See our offer and be sure to ask for the OKbase customer discount in your order!

Information service

New versions

Technical support (Hotline) regularly sends out the content of new releases and important messages to contractually designated contacts. If you wish to modify the list of these contacts, please contact

LinkedIn group

Because of the great interest in user tips and tricks, we have created a non-public group for personnel managers and payroll specialists on the LinkedIn social network called “Uživatelé OKbase”. In addition to short practical guides on using the program effectively, you also will find other news here more frequently (about once a week).

Sign up for the group and add to your knowledge from time to time.


Client section

This serves mainly as a repository of versions and technical documentation for download, as well as of materials and recordings from past events, detailed contacts and more.

OKbase YouTube channel

Short videos introducing and demonstrating the use of new features as well as video tutorials.


OKbase Day

OKbase Day is a meeting of key OKbase users with our consultants, developers, and support. We hold it annually at our headquarters. Its popularity and the number of participants grow year by year. It is free of charge.

The day-long event includes lectures, meetings, presentations of new innovations, and sharing of user experiences. The program can be streamed, but best of all is to attend in person, as we don’t neglect to provide good food and drinks. Will you be with us at next year’s event?

Other events

Other events

Seminars for payroll accountants and personnel managers (news on taxes and their settlement, seminars on law and regulatory topics, specialized seminars/webinars with training), free of charge or at a discounted price.

Other events

Breakfast with OKbase – regular no-obligation presentation meetings where we introduce either all, or specific OKbase modules. You can make an appointment at

You may also come across OKbase at events for personnel managers, such as HRko, RA awards, HREA Summit, and others.

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