Český statistický úřad

Public Sector

Český statistický úřad

This mobile application for the Android platform is used by CSO field workers for collecting data on consumer prices directly in the shops and establishments. A statistical survey is used to determine the key statistical indicator and consumer price index (CPI). Key emphasis was given to ergonomic design in creating the application. The aim is to simplify work in the field, in stores, and often in open outdoor spaces.

Český statistický úřad

The Czech Statistical Office (CSO) is the central government agency of the Czech Republic. It was established on 8 January 1969 by Act No.2/1969 Coll., Establishment of Ministries of Other Central Bodies of State Administration. The competence of the CSO is defined by Act 89/1995 Coll., on the State Statistical Service. As the main body of the State Statistical Service, it also coordinates the collection and processing of statistical data carried out by individual ministries.


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