Jan Becher - Karlovarská Becherovka, a.s.


Jan Becher - Karlovarská Becherovka, a.s.

OKbase, which includes HCM and Payroll, was implemented in Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka in 2015. The company uses our services not only in the Czech Republic but also in its Slovakian subsidiary. The system easily integrates various requirements specified by Pernod Ricard, the headquarters, and by Jan Becher Museum, located in the city of Karlovy Vary.

Jan Becher - Karlovarská Becherovka, a.s.

Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka is a company with Czech roots and a global presence. It was established in 1807 by the famous Becher family based in Karlovy Vary and its main business today is the production and sale of premium alcoholic drinks. In 1997 the company became a part of the Pernod Ricard Group, one of the largest producers of spirits and wines in the world.


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