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The IdStory platform is a comprehensive tool for automating the management of users and their accounts in end systems – Identity and Access Management. IdStory brings clarity to the entire corporate system through formal process definition, detailed logging of operations, and automatic checks, such as tracking the employee status. It streamlines corporate processes related to employee onboarding and off-boarding, password resets, etc. Security is our main goal, as IdStory enables authorised individuals to access the relevant resources for legitimate reasons and at the right time. IdStory is the key source of time and cost savings for your IT department. It ensures increased access security and automates routine processes. It serves as a rich source of data for essential reports, providing valuable information for efficient decision-making.

How does IdStory work in practise?

The first IdStory and OKbase integration took place over 5 years ago. And a number of implementations have already been carried out since then. One of our largest clients, the General University Hospital in Prague, sings nothing but the best references for IdStory.

IdStory utilizes basic data about each individual identity from the personal system. Using this data, it unveils details such as an employee's commencement date and designated role within the organisation. Based on pre-set protocols, IdStory assesses which privileges an individual should have and which accounts need to be created in interconnected platforms. All these processes are orchestrated by automation. In turn, you gain a comprehensive overview of who is authorised to interact with what and when. Identity management and potential alterations can be conveniently controlled from a central location. IdStory stores all significant events related to the lifecycle of identities and accounts, facilitating audits and ensuring compliance with regulations.

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Professionals who operate, implement, and continually develop IdStory-a comprehensive tool for automating user and account management in the end systems. The IdStory platform brings clarity within the entire corporate system, achieved through formal process delineation, detailed operation tracking, and the orchestration of automated safeguards, such as employee status monitoring. It streamlines corporate processes entailing employee onboarding and off-boarding, password resets, and an array of other essential functions. Security is the ultimate objective, as IdStory ensures that authorised individuals gain access to relevant resources for legitimate reasons and at the right time.

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Centralised system management not only brings cost savings but also offers so much more.

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