New AI-Driven Shift Optimization Module

October 31, 2023

New AI-Driven Shift Optimization Module

OKbase is expanding its portfolio of shift planning tools with an optional Shift Optimization module.

Among the most challenging tasks in shift planning is undoubtedly to schedule shifts so that operations are adequately maintained while keeping labor costs as low as possible. This is most complicated in operations where "demand for services" significantly changes throughout the day. This typically applies to various call centers, retail environments, etc. While shifts must always be scheduled in certain lengths (8 hours, 4 hours), fluctuations in demand often occur at shorter intervals. However, we can hardly employ someone for e.g. one hour.

Our new module can propose an ideal staffing for operations based on your own data about the volume of required work – for example, the number of calls on a helpline or the number of customers served. You can upload this data from Excel or an external database yourself using the “Import Data” button. You can also define how many hours you want to use for coverage. Then artificial intelligence comes into play. Advanced AI optimization algorithms process the data and suggest the most suitable shift distribution considering the target level of minimum coverage.

Based on these proposed shifts, you can then generate actual capacity shifts and staff them with employees. Or you can use this model just to check the efficiency of managing individual operations.

All data are clearly visualized for better orientation and control, and you can view it in a weekly or daily display, always with the appropriate level of detail.

Since labor costs are key to the efficiency and profitability of operations in many companies, every unnecessarily planned and staffed shift can be crucial. At the same time, this tool can effectively highlight operations that are chronically understaffed or overstaffed, giving managers a powerful tool for personnel management of operations.

Summary of Smart Shift Planning from A to Z

The unique comprehensive functionality for shift planning in OKbase now includes:

  • Design of optimal shifts based on performance parameters,
  • Automated staffing of shifts with suitable employees,
  • An option for employees to sign up for shifts and plan their work using a mobile app (I want/I don't want a shift and shift calendar),
  • Operational changes in shift staffing based on unpredictable events (shift exchange including notifications to employees via mobile or email),
  • Transferring required data for payroll calculations,
  • Calculation of the actual vacation entitlement of employees,
  • Allocation of costs to individual branches.

If you are interested in this AI extension or need more information, please contact our support department or your sales representative.







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