New module for shift optimization using AI

October 31, 2023

New module for shift optimization using AI

The portfolio of OKbase shift change planning instruments is expanding to include an optional Shift Optimization module.

One of the most challenging tasks in shift planning is undoubtedly scheduling shifts to ensure sufficient operational coverage while keeping labour costs as low as possible.

This challenge becomes most pronounced in facilities where the “demand for services” significantly fluctuates throughout the day. This is a common occurrence in various sectors such as call centres, as well as retail and similar industries. While shift planning typically involves specific time lengths (e.g., 8 hours, 4 hours), demand fluctuations occur in shorter periods. However, it remains challenging for us to employ someone for just one hour, for example.


Our new module excels at planning an ideal shift schedule based on your data regarding the amount of work required, such as the number of hotline calls or served customers. You simply load these Excel data or an external database by pressing the “Import Data” button. Subsequently, you can define the hourly shifts you wish to use for the coverage. And here comes the AI to assist you. Advanced AI optimization algorithms process and suggest the most convenient shift schedule, taking into account the target minimum coverage level.

Using these suggested shifts you can generate the real capacity shifts and staff schedules with assigned employees.This model is also suitable for the effective management of individual facilities monitoring.

All the data are clearly visualised for enhanced orientation and control, available for viewing in either a weekly or daily display, each with its corresponding level of detail.

As payroll costs play a vital role in the efficiency and profitability of operations in numerous businesses, each unnecessarily scheduled and staffed shift can be crucial. At the same time, this tool manages to effectively identify both long-term understaffed and overstaffed operations, providing managers with a powerful tool for workplace management.

Smart Shift Planning from A to Z Summary

The unique comprehensive functionality for shift planning in OKbase now includes:

  • Optimal shifts based on performance parameters proposing,
  • Automated staffing of shifts with suitable employees,
  • The possibility for employees to sign up for shifts and plan their work with the help of a mobile app (I wish/do not wish a shift and a shift calendar),
  • Operational changes of shift staffing based on unpredictable events (shift exchange, including notifications to employees via mobile or email),
  • Transfer of required data for payroll calculation,
  • Actual employee leave calculation,
  • Individual branch allocation.

If you are interested in this AI extension or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact our support department or your sales representative.








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