OKbase Day 2023 - a new record in participation and number of news

May 22, 2023

OKbase Day 2023 - a new record in participation and number of news

The annual meeting for customers of the OKbase HR system took place on 11 May 2023 at the OKsystem headquarters in Prague. While 10+ years ago OKbase Day was a small event for a few dozen guests, now we can no longer fit our customers into our conference room and therefore need to incorporate live streaming. 


  • Attendance for the 2023 year was a record - nearly 500 attendees. There were 231 guests in person right in the hall, which together with our consultants and salespeople + attendees from our partners adds up to 280 people, and about 200 more people watched the event online.
  • There were 12 performers.
  • The main topic of the day was the upcoming amendment to the Labour Code, the details and possible impacts of which were practically summarized by the sympathetic lawyer Doc. JUDr. Jakub Morávek, Ph. D.
  • There were 14 representatives from our partner solutions, such as IMA, Advanto, SEFIRA, PalmApp, Ulékaře.cz or CzechIdM (now IdStory)
  • The program included 3 keynote speakers, 2 stand-up talks, 1 panel discussion with guests and 4 expert seminars, which thanks to the activity and interest of the participants stretched from the original 30 minutes to twice as long (but despite this, some people managed to attend two seminars in a row). Recordings of individual presentations can be found on the OKbase YouTube channel.
  • The success and popularity of the event is due not only to the valuable program, but also to the catering and the activity of all the employees around OKbase, i.e. the salespeople, consultants, hotline specialists, UX and OKtraining, who are on site on the day of the event and are available to guests for business meetings or perhaps introductions, because it's nice to get to know in person the one you are often on the phone with.d parts on the OKbase YouTube channel.

The overall assessment of the event from attendees is very positive. The event was enlivened by the moderation of stand-up comedian Jiri Charvat, whose edgier humour surprised some guests. Judge for yourself:

"It was a relaxing day. I felt part of you. I felt a sense of belonging to the OKbase programme, whether with the creators, the traders or the other clients. You are not just anonymous software on a computer, but you have a human face. :-)"

 "This OK Base Day was really beneficial and was one of the best we have attended. The organization was perfect, the performers were really top notch. We were online and did not attend the workshops." 

"This year I liked the whole concept of the event. Jiří Charvát gave the whole event a bit of a different charge, it was very pleasant to have fun at times, nowadays with the declining incorrect humour :). I know that OKbase Day is always on a professional level, in terms of content, food and drink, in general the whole service for the participants of the event. Although I am not a lawyer, I was pleasantly surprised by Jakub Morávek, how he explained the individual points of his lecture in a comprehensible way. In the evaluation I gave a mark of 2 to Vojtěch Klimeš, where I personally expected perhaps even more information and upcoming changes. I am of course aware of the situation with legislation, which he talked about in connection with the complexity of incorporating changes into new versions of OKbase, so I understand the focus primarily on this area. I liked the speech and especially the processing of Vladimir Fuchs' presentation, which was primarily oriented towards data and its representation, which I enjoyed."

"I very much appreciated Mr. Moravek's talk - an overview of the changes to the Labour Code and recommendations for application in practice. Especially the follow-up on practical application is sometimes missing in some trainings (especially outside OKsystem). At the same time, I very positively evaluate the lightness of the individual inputs by the humorous contributions of Mr. Charvat."

And what will the guests most remember from this year's OKbase Day?

 "I have more points to think about, how to maybe use OKbase more effectively, the mobile terminal, the user forms..."

"What I liked most was Mr. Moravek's lecture and also the panel discussion. What I didn't like very much was Mr. Charvat, but I guess that's a matter of taste. :) Everything about the organization was very professional and I appreciate the prompt hotline and their valuable problem solving."

"...for me, an absolutely awesome seminar with Mr. Kacer and Ms. Bidlas, which was effective and very beneficial for me and I like it more and more as I get more familiar with OKbase."

"The work I do is completely made up! Otherwise a few moments from the presentations."


Many thanks to everyone who enjoyed the OKbase Day with us.

Have a look at the recordings, a quick overview of the day is presented briefly by the moderator Jiri Charvat, and you can find the other promised sessions on the OKbase YouTube channel.

Photos: Kompletní fotogalerie OKbase Day 2023









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