OKbase Festival stage and HR room Future of HR at the HRko conference

October 10, 2023

OKbase Festival stage and HR room Future of HR at the HRko conference

On Thursday 12 October, the HRko event, which is becoming more popular among Czech HR professionals every year, will take place in the Ostrava House of Culture Poklad.

HRko has been reporting for several weeks that all their tickets are sold out. One reason may be that this extremely popular event has the hashtag #notconferencebutHRparty. Guests, speakers and exhibitors will be coming to Ostrava from all over the Czech Republic.


What will the 500+ HRko attendees see and experience?

  • A fun Before party on Wednesday evening,
  • 2 x stages (Vema main stage and OKbase festival stage) for a moderated show and case studies,
  • OKbase festival of HR solutions, where over 20 exhibitors will present their tools for HR professionals at their stands
  • 9 separate smaller rooms, called HR rooms, with workshops, seminars and debates.
  • A podcast studio, which will record and share an audio track of the most interesting speakers.


OKbase workshop zone programme on 12 October at HRko 2023

The day in OKbase's HR room, which is called none other than "HR of the Future", will be as follows:


We will start with a presentation by Vojtěch Klimeš, OKbase Product Director, on the topic Digitalisation or Digital Transformation? Why should you use digitalization to " general clean up " your company processes and how to digitize HR so that innovation and technology really make your life easier?

This will be followed by a presentation by OKbase HR consultant Jiří Szewieczek on the topic of artificial intelligence: AI as a member of the HR team. What does AI in HR management do well and what to beware of? And what are we using AI for at OKbase?


At the practical workshop, you will see Digital Signing in use. Matěj Klír from OKbase and Michal Hanzal from SEFIRA will show you how to sign electronically in OKbase or how the connection between OKbase and the Obelisk Signing Portal platform works.


The final seminar will be led by Jan Nožka, Head of OKbase Sales Department, and will focus on OKbase Intranet. Do you want to communicate with your employees efficiently and easily? We will introduce you to the 5 most popular features of our new intranet module.


The complete program is presented on the website www.hrko.cz and in a printed program catalogue, which visitors will receive upon arrival.









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