OKbase was the only supplier who dared to take on Rohlík.cz

August 9, 2023

OKbase was the only supplier who dared to take on Rohlík.cz

When a customer tells you, after two years of working with you, 'We are so happy with OKbase. I really appreciate the openness of the consultants because whatever idea we come up with they have an open mind and they listen to us,' it's an amazing accolade and commitment, especially when they are among the leaders in their business, which Rohlík.cz truly is.

So, why did Rohlík.cz decide to go with OKbase when they were looking for a new HR system? What do Martin Beháň (CEO, Rohlik.cz), Simona Sochorová (HR Project Consultant, Rohlik.cz), and Lenka Balvínová (External Payroll Processor, Rohlik Group) specifically appreciate? They evaluate this in the video.

Each of them sees different benefits, but they agree on one thing: speed and quality are of the utmost importance at Rohlik. Both OKbase and Rohlik rely on paperless processes, automation, and legislative correctness to function as they want and need. See for yourself.








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