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PalmApp is an exceptional digital service that enhances employees‘ financial stability and their well-being.

It is founded on four pillars that create an effective ecosystem for employees‘ financial well-being.

  1. Pay anytime: Your employees will not be caught off guard by unexpected expenses such as a broken washing machine or the need for an advance for their family holiday. They can access a portion of their earned salary anytime they wish or need, even before the regular payday.
  2. EWA Chat: A financial advisor powered by the latest artificial intelligence, Chat GPT-4, available 24/7. It is able to provide the employees with advice on managing their personal finances. We also offer an upgrade option for integrating internal company information. With this upgrade, employees can enhance their chat interactions by inquiring about the work schedule, internal policies, and shift plans, or even discovering what will be served for lunch in the company café tomorrow.
  3. Financial Education: Employees receive regular tips and advice on effective personal financial management, to foster a long-term enhancement of financial literacy. Furthermore, video workshops with Jan Muller, a financial education expert with over thirty years of experience in the field, are also available.
  4. Savings for the Future: With our virtual MasterCard payment card, employees are enabled to obtain 2% cash back from every transaction, which can be directed into e.g., pension savings or other investment banking products. PalmApp.Karta! is a suitable choice even for those who are not in need of salary advances, as its exceptional 2% cash-back offer on all transactions is unparalleled in the market. The employees are saving for a better future with each payment. Moreover, PalmApp.Karta! accelerates the availability of earned funds to the maximum extent. No money requests, no transfers, just pay!

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We have extensive experience in on-demand pay at PalmApp. We specialize in securely, seamlessly, and rapidly integrating with dozens of payroll and attendance systems, such as OKbase. The employees can access a comprehensive service package tailored to enhance their financial stability thanks to our seamless integration. Additionally, it enables them to save for a better and more prosperous future. Your company can gain a competitive edge in recruitment, a more stable workforce, and depending on your company’s size, potentially even thousands of extra funds for your employees’ brighter future by utilizing our service.

PalmApp – financial health is a top priority.




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