Electronic signature and trusted archiving


Electronic signature for every situation

Sometimes you need to sign on the go on your mobile, with a certificate on a card, token or PC and sometimes with a pen on a tablet. HR professionals need to sign at least at a recognised legal level, while for employees a simple signature will suffice. Different solutions are needed for different situations.

OBELISK Signing Portal brings electronic signatures of all legal levels in accordance with Czech and European legislation in one place. Whether you need to sign by hand on a tablet, remotely on a mobile phone using BankID or I.CA RemoteSign. You can also use certificates on cards (including eCards), tokens or Windows or Mac workstations. With OBELISK Signing Portal, you can sign anytime, anywhere, regardless of the complexity of HR processes.

Legal security

Is it signed correctly? What next? Do you need to attach a time stamp to the document, an electronic company seal, or provide credible proof of signatures for twenty, thirty or more years so your lawyer can defend you? OBELISK is a comprehensive digital trust services platform that builds on the eIDAS legislation, automatically attaches all the necessary digital trust elements to documents and takes care of the long-term provability of e-documents.

Trust but verify

The digitisation of HR processes is not limited to the creation of signed electronic documents, but also carries the obligation to receive and accept them from third parties, e.g. certificates, declarations, judgements, etc.

How to verify that the signature on a document supplied by an employee is valid? OBELISK Validator will check the validity of electronic signatures, seals and time stamps.


Obelisk – Digital Trust Platform by SEFIRA spol. s r.o.

OBELISK is a digital trust service platform including all services for digitizing HR processes in one place – electronic signatures, qualified time stamps, electronic seals, long-term trusted archiving and validation of electronic documents. The platform is available in the cloud and in your environment.

The combination of OKbase and OBELISK opens the way to the use of electronic signatures in the personal processes of company life. By going digital, we give HR staff time to focus on people, not paper.

OBELISK Signing Portal

OBELISK Signing Portal

OBELISK Signing Portal by SEFIRA spol. s r.o. - qualified electronic signature in HR processes

Details of the OBELISK Signing Portal platform

Details of the OBELISK Signing Portal platform

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