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Connecting the IMAporter access system with the OKbase HR solution will provide you with all the data needed for efficient personnel management of physical access to secured zones. Not only will you have a comprehensive overview and control over authorised entries, but you will also obtain the necessary information to optimise your company's operations.

IMAporter access systems are user-friendly, convenient, and have intuitive controls. They meet the requirements for property security as well as the ever-growing demand for data security, especially for companies dealing with sensitive information. These systems utilise the modern mobile platform OpenViaYourMobilePhone, enabling access not only through chips or smart cards but also via NFC technology using mobile phones.

What benefits do the connecting IMAporter and OKbase offer?

The integration of the IMAporter access system into OKbase eliminates duplicate entries of employee data, such as clock-ins and clock-outs. Fundamental employee details are synchronised, including the ID card numbers and employee group assignments. Additionally, a comprehensive overview of recorded data is automatically flowed into the attendance OKbase module and, if needed, further into the Payroll module. This simplifies the paperless salary processing of your employees.

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IMA s.r.o.

IMA is a leading European provider of innovative solutions in the realm of identification and localisation. The IMAporter family of access systems is designed for electronic entry control and tracking. One notable advantage is the possible integration with both the attendance and camera system (CCTV).

IMA products are used by numerous companies, government agencies, and schools for access rights management, access control, and data tracking. Thanks to a diverse range of elements, the system can be flexibly customised to ensure control over entries into secure facilities based on individual customer requirements. Apart from identification and security systems, IMA s.r.o. also offers vending machines for tools, keys, and even food and beverages.

IMAporter ID systems

IMAporter ID systems – Solutions tailored to your growth

Details about IMAporter PRO – Promotional brochure

Details about IMAporter PRO – Promotional brochure

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